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We evaluate a case carefully, taking into consideration among other things, what we would want and how we would feel if we were suffering from the same injuries or loss of a loved one. We also use our experience to determine what we believe a jury might award under each individual set of circumstances. At that point, we are then in a position to give our clients the best advice regarding their case.


Jay Diamond opened his office in October 2017. Jay is well versed in many areas of the law. Your case is our priority. Jay and his staff bring the highest standards of experience, preparation, concern, integrity and skill to each case. We take the time to return your calls and ensure each question is answered. We combine outstanding client service with a thorough knowledge of the law. Our vast network of legal, medical and professional experts are available to present the best case for you.


At Diamond Law we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation. Through hard work, persistence and more than 30 years of combined experience, we have earned the respect of our legal peers throughout Louisiana. We pride ourselves on our concern for you as an individual, as well as your family’s legal rights in personal injuries, collisions, brain damage, wrongful death, divorce, custody, and family law. We have many satisfied clients because of our personalized attention, as well as free legal consultations. We are successful in the legal industry, and are committed to winning your case.

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At Diamond Law our goal as your legal team is to make solving your legal problems harmonious, peaceful, and fair. All the while, you will have peace of mind knowing that your legal team is working for you in a fair and honest tradition of care and strength.
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